Members & Club Films

Firmly Park Childrens Ward



A Bright Thread


A short love story set on the banks of the Thames in London.


Film in an evening winner.

Anti Bullying Film

A short film made by Ollie as a school project.

W260 Led Video Light Review

A short review of the W260 Led video light purchased from eBay.

Wedding Belles

Making of Wedding Belles

Cecil’s Law

River Gravatai project

Not His Type

Film made for the North verses South competition. The theme was “Easier said than done”.

Alice in Wonderland

A very serious work of art, shot through rose-tinted lenses, that warns against the dangers of excess and the subsequent loss of innocence, depravity and illness. This twisted work of fiction revolves around the Mad Hatter’s tea party, where Alice, The Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse are joined by Lewis Carroll and his entourage, who are not just there for the tea.


A short drama made by the Pioneers group. Shot on 1 day in Guildford at three locations.

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