Club Night Programme



2nd Mar A talk by David Fairhead about the making of his documentary feature about Spitfires, with clips, behind the scenes and how it was made. The film will be premiered at a different venue on 1st April, the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

6th April Edit Exercise results followed by a talk by Dave Rayers on audio levels in our films.

11th May NOTE DATE CHANGE. An evening with Paul Vernon who will talk about and show his feature film VERMIJO.

1st June A showreel of film from Solent Movie Makers. The audience will be encouraged to discuss and critique the films.

6th July Film-in-an-Evening. Groups are formed earlier in the year. A theme is given. A script is agreed upon. Rehearsals are allowed. Then on 6th July you have 2 hours to film and edit your film. If it is a disaster on the night then you can show a rehearsal film. Great for team building. Members to arrive by 9.15 with the film.

3rd August Technical Evening. 3 stations, lighting, green screen and sound.

7th Sept Documentary competition.

5th Oct Inter Club Competition.

2nd Nov tbc

7th Dec Club Competition.


You have to be a member to enter into our competitions.

6th April Edit Exercise

6th July Film-in-an-Evening – groups get together and film and edit a film in 2 hours.

7th Sept Documentary Competition

7th Dec Club Competition