Online Club Meeting

Here is the information about our online club activities during the current coronavirus pandemic. It’s still possible to make movies and to show movies, but clearly in a very different way from normal.

We would like to maintain the SBMM community during this difficult time by using our online presence until things get back to normal, and this page will be the centre of this activity. Bear with us as much of what we will attempt to do is experimental.

The committee has now evaluated how we can continue, and indeed our last committee meeting was a successful video/online conference. We established that we could share talking, movies, text chat and more.

Following this success we intend to implement online meeting for all club members. The software we used is called Zoom but to join the meeting you don’t need to know the technical details, as the invitation tells you how to set it up for your device. It works with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and more.