Mobile Video


Tips for Shooting w/ FiLMiC Pro

  • Set your device to “Airplane” mode to avoid calls/interference during filming
  • Shoot in “Landscape” mode with your phone or iPad horizontally, it makes the camera much easier to handle and is optimum for the FiLMiC Pro user interface
  • Close all apps running in the background
  • High bit-rate encoding, such as FiLMiC Extreme, consume more storage but also give you a better image
  • Try to use a stabilizer or tripod when shooting to avoid rolling shutter issues
  • Front-facing camera on devices lower than iPhone 5 are low resolution and cannot control focus/exposure
  • Use 35mm image flip when attaching traditional photo/cine lenses
  • In TimeLapse preset allow extra time for image to load when setting Focus & Exposure
  • Check your Audio Compression, and if using multiple devices make sure they are in sync (uniformly using 44.1 khz or 48000 khz)
  • Be sure your device is as charged-up as possible. When device hits 20% battery life, recording will automatically stop and need to be restarted.


Approximate costs of accessories;

Filmic pro. 7.99
Ipod holder 4.99
Hama tripod 3.99
Ollo lens 69.99
Battery 39.99


Links to equipment and software

Filmic Pro
Movie Pro
Blux Movie