Social Events

From a recent survey of members in our Surrey filmmaking club it was clear that the social activities in the club were a strong reason for many members to belong. Most members have a strong desire to be involved in some aspect of filming but all considered the social side to be important as well.

The club has a wide range of social events including:

  • A Summer day out – Each Summer we have a day out. This is normally in the form of a garden party but sometimes is a visit to a local attraction such as to the Tilford Rural Life Centre, Kempton Park Steam Museum and the  Hollycombe Steam Collection.

    On one memorable occasion we spent the day on the country estate of one of our members not only having a party but also filming a thriller involving not only a murder but also the burning down of the mansion where we were. Obviously a great deal of planning went on beforehand but we did manage to get all the filming done on the one day. The result was a film called ‘Judgement Day’.

  • Christmas Lunch. This is an annual event of high popularity as revealed in the member’s survey. Normally midday on the Sunday after the first Friday of the month, in recent years it has been at the Farnham House Hotel. Previously in 2006 and 2007 it was held in the Oak Park Golf Club in Crondall. The lunch in 2005 was in Camberley Heath Golf Club as also was the lunch in 2004.

    In 2003 the Christmas lunch at the Alton House Hotel was combined with the filming of a crowd scene where a long lost lover stands on a chair trying to make contact with his bride to be. This is followed by his making his way across the throng to a clinch on the far side of the room. This was for a film being made by a group within the club called WriteAngle. All went very well indeed and the throng of members enjoyed acting as extras as well as the lunch which followed.

    For Christmas Lunch 2002 the Falcon Hotel in Farnborough provided the venue while in 2001 the lunch as in the Frensham Ponds Hotel.

  • Annual hosting of film competition

    Each October we host a competition between 4 nearby filmmaking clubs. A group from each invited club brings along their best films. These are shown and a small panel of judges scores each film and decided the winner. After a refreshment break where a significant quantity of mouthwattering food is freely available, the judges then give their comments on each film.

    This evening is a lively social gathering that is keenly prized by those clubs who have been invited.

  • Other formal and informal meetings
    Individual groups meet over coffee, a beer, and the WriteAngle group meets once a month over a pub lunch. Meetings will be in a member’s home or the pub according to the project they are currently working on. Visit the WriteAngle page for a glimpse of what goes on in that group.

  • In the past we have had exchange visits with clubs from Germany and the Isle of Wight.

  • Once or twice a year we visit other clubs to give an evening’s talk and they reciprocate by coming to us.

  • Our regular interclub competition when we host a selection of local clubs who compete with each other with their latest films.