Useful Links

Software goodies, forums, tutorials, tools, codecs etc.

Note the links are supplied as ‘appearing to be useful’ but no guarantee of quality is to be taken as implied or given. If you have any feedback about this page or can suggest other useful sites that we should be linking to then please use the link at the bottom of the page.

Express burn is free software to make an image of a DVD (ISO) and to burn CDs and DVDs
Truecrypt is free open source disk encryption software This allows you to encrypt documents to save your data from prying eyes. If you would like to encrypt a USB pen drive or similar then this software will do it for you. If the drive is lost then no-one can read it! Someone tell the government please!
Stock Footage and Video Clips An excellent search facility to find the clips you would like to buy.
Stock Photos A search facility to find photographs for you to buy
Google video Search for your video here. Try ‘handmade bricks’ to see a film made by a member of Surrey Border Movie Makers.
Download video from Utube This website provides a program to install on your computer which will download a video from Utube. This is rather like the link above but requires a program to be installed on your computer.
Online File format converter. Nothing to download. Just tell this website what file on your computer you wish to convert and it will offer a wide range of new formats for it.
Convert multimedia files to suitable format. Edit videos from a mobile phone! A site offering ‘Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer’ It claims to be able to convert (encode) or play any multimedia file! All necessary codecs are ‘built in’.
Which codec does this file need? This site provides a program which will report what codec is needed for a file you select.
I want a new codec please Install a codec. A free collection of codecs and related tools. ‘Designed as a user friendly solution for playing all your movie files’. The K-lite Meca Codec pack.
DV doctor forum An extremely popular video and hardware question and answer site.
The famous youtube Wow, what a wide range of films and quality!
One of our members web sites with videos to view on your computer This is an amazing site which is maintained by one of our members with a selection of her wide ranging videos.
Resolution test patterns For your help
The IAC The Film & Video Institute Online – an extensive site. This is the filmmaking organisation to join if you are an individual or club. It guides members through issues such as copyright, has a magazine for members and organises training and competitions.
Mad 4 Posters – offers a massive selection of movie posters, including cult classics and Hollywood greats. You will also find a wide range of movie star posters, including Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

Premiere Pro CS6 tutorials Adobe tutorials in Premiere CS6.
Talent Circle A contact site for all those wishing to work with other filmmakers

Check the Google page rank of a web page. Google ranks each web site and assigns a mark our of 10. It needs a very popular site to achieve 6 or more. This site achieves 4 while all other club websites so far checked hit 2 or 3.