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Members Competition 2018

Member's Competition 2018

The annual Member’s Competition held on 7th December 2018.
Twelve entries were received from club members.

We were pleased to welcome Tim Stannard from Staines Video Makers to present our awards.
This year, Tim won a five-star award at BIAFF (British International Amateur Film Festival).
He kindly pre-judged the competition with his wife Martine who unfortunately could not attend.

Jim Reed receiving the Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner for his film ‘Making a Difference’
Left to right : Jim Reed, Mike Sanders (chairman), and Tim Stannard (judge)

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The Overall Winner: Jim Reed for 'Making a Difference'

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A beautifully shot film to highlight the plight of big game birds, and particularly the vulture.

 Shot at a conservation park in Andover as a family day out, Jim had originally shown this 50 frames per second film last year but club projection problems spoiled the occasion and prompted a committee investigation for a solution.

Jim said, ‘Following the projection problems I also decided to re-edit the video, write a new script, add my own voice-over, and cut the length by half, all of which I think made it much more focused.’

‘I was delighted that it won so many awards tonight!’

Jim was Awarded:

The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner
The Moorey Award for Best Documentary
The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork
The Pat Doherty Award for the Best Use of Sound

The Other Entrants and Awards

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Philip Morley - 'Tswalu a new Beginning'
David Goode Trophy for Best Holiday Film
A film shot whilst on safari in South Africa. Tswalu offers a wilderness experience on the southernmost edge of the Kalahari, on the largest privately protected area in South Africa.
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Peter Stratford - 'Burma Sunrise'
Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography

An exercise in pure cinematography capturing an exquisite dawn over the temples of Bagan in Burma with suitably matched “Zen” music

Jim Reed 'Exposé - OCUT Cleaners''
Clements Shield for Best Creative Film

Capturing the antics of a two year old, and matching it to an amusing but uncomfortable story of child exploitation, in a spoof Exposé investigative style. (Video not available)

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Colin Lewis 'Paris in Five Minutes'
The Sir Paul Holden Trophy for Best Commentary

A frenetic whistle stop tour of the ‘must see’ highlights of Paris is something of an achievement in five minutes. Colin’s calm and well delivered commentary takes away the stress of the speed.

Jim Reed - 'OSOM'
Penny Johnson Trophy for Best Editing

A fictitious charity OSOM – Out of Sight Out of Mind – describes the downfall of Nigel’s ‘recycling’ business after China banned the import of product from the UK because of contamination. (Video not available)

Matin Boyman - 'Welcome to Rawley's World'

A cable car ride up the Rock of Gibraltar, reaching its summit point with panoramic views of the bay and a bunch of mischievous monkeys, one being Rawley! (Video not available)

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Peter Stratford - 'Homage to a Comedy Classic'

A parody of the classic Peter Sellers comedy sketch “Balham – Gateway to the South” re-imagined as “Farnham – Gateway to the South”!

The original sketch was itself a parody of 1960s American TV travel documentaries.

Dave Skertchly - Auxtetic Performancey
Highly Commended

Fim describes a potential new carbon fibre technology which has interested Boeing and could be an enable for the next generation of electric carbon fibre aircraft.

Dave Skertchly - 'Return to Sorrento'

If this narrow gauge railway was located in North Wales it would be operated by bands of attentive volunteers who would maintain it to the highest standard, but as the narrator says “this is Italy”.

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Colin Lewis - 'Letter to the Times'

Animated characters, reading letters written to The Times.

A twenty four hour visit to Flushing (Vlissingen) in Holland at the mouth of the River Scheld

Summary of 2018 Awards:

  • The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner –  Jim Reed for ‘Making a Difference’

  • The Ron Clements Award for Creativity – Jim Reed for ‘Expose’

  • The Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography – Peter Stratford for ‘Burma Sunrise’

  • The Pat Doherty Award for the Best Use of Sound – Jim Reed for ‘Making a Difference’

  • The Best Holiday Movie – Philip Morley for ‘Tswalu a new Beginning’

  • The Moorey Award for Best Documentary – Jim Reed for ‘Making a Difference’

  • The Penny Johnson Trophy for the Best Editing – Jim Reed for ‘OSOM’

  • The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork – Jim Reed for ‘Making a Difference’

  • The Sir Peter Holden Trophy for Best Use of Commentary – Colin Lewis for ‘Paris in five minutes’

  • The Jack Stribblings Trophy for Best First Time Winner – Matin Boyman for ‘Welcome to Rawley’s World’