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Making videos for the non-professional creator has evolved over the years . Some time ago it would have required a large support team, but more recently its often only a handful of helpers. Frequently it is just a single person who makes the video. A quick look through the videos on our website shows how many award winning videos have been made by individual video makers.

Part of the reason for this is that video making equipment is relatively inexpensive compared to a decade or so ago. Plus, virtually everyone carries a video camera around with them today – the smart phone in their pocket.

Editing suites offer some exceptional abilities and often these too are very inexpensive or even free.

Making a video is within the grasp of many more people today, as can be witnessed by a quick look at YouTube.

However, there are still some challenges for the sole video maker.

For example, where to find the music or sound effects. YouTube has a great selection of free to use music, but what if some more specific music or sound effect was required. Perhaps the maker might want some extra images or video ‘b-roll’ clips.

Simply copying images or videos from the internet presents the challenge of copyright infringement.

The good news is that there are a host of sites that offer free to download, free to use clips for music, sound effects, images or video. Its just a matter of tracking them down.

But maybe you’ve just created your latest drama, and need to use a telephone number on screen.

What to do?

Guessing a random phone number is a really bad idea!

Fortunately the SBMM Brain has a series of approved for film telephone numbers from Ofcom, just click our phone to find them.

Many of the images on this page came from PixaBay and are both copyright free, and free to use.

Clicking any of the images will open links in the ‘SBMM Brain’. If you want to be amazed about what the future holds for video makers, and the type of items we have on the Brain, click the image below to open the link on the Brain to watch a short video compilation called ‘RawNeRF – seeing is believing’.

This free to use resource will help track down many essential video making assets and much more – welcome to the Surrey Border Movie Makers Brain.

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