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The Annual Member’s Competition is currently held in December. It is open to individual members or groups of members. Films must be six minutes or shorter. Any category, any subject.

The films are judged by a panel of non-members, often members of other film & video making clubs. There are a total of ten awards, including Best First Time Winner.

The Surrey Border Movie Makers Member’s Competition Trophies and Awards.

The Surrey Border Movie Makers Member’s Competition previous years winners
The Penny Johnson Trophy for Best Editing

2022 Jim Reed – The Iron Bridge
2021 Tim Stannard – The Case of the Missing Pickle Magnate
2020 Peter Stratford
2019 Philip Morley & John Mills
2018 Jim Reed – Making a Difference
2017 Gillian Gatland
2016 Gillian Gatland
2015 Peter Frost
2014 Steve Michell
2013 Gordon Sutton
2012 Alan Butcher
2011 Neil Cryer
2010 Alan Hussey
2009 Alan Hussey
2008 Bruce Frazer
2007 Steve Bissett
2006 Gillian Gatland
2005 Bryan Harrison

The Pat Dohery Cup for Best Use of Sound

2022 Brian O’Connell, Peter Frost & Dick Grainger – Only Four in the World
2021 Peter Stratford – Lion Hunt
2020 TBA
2019 Peter Frost
2018 Jim Reed – Making a Difference
2017 Peter Stratford

The Jack Stribling Newcomers’ Trophy

2020 Tim Stannard
2019 Jack Visser
2018 Martin Boyman
2017 Peter Stratford
2016 Philip Morley
2014 Ollie McCoy-Page
2013 John Mills
2012 Brian O’Connell
2011 Rod Garnet
2010 Jo Jones
2009 Alan Hussey
2008 The Golden Girls
2007 Steve Bissett
2006 Jack Pook
2004 Kay White
2003 Martin Harder
2002 Sally Maltby
2001 Vicky Jackson
2000 Trepid B
1999 Alistair Cuthbert

The Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography

2022 Philip Morley – Only Lyon
2021 Tim Stannard – The Case of the Missing Pickle Magnate
2020 Tim Stannard
2019 Nigel Davey
2018 Peter Stratford
2017 Peter Frost
2016 Peter Ives
2015 Peter Ives
2014 Ollie McCoy-Page
2013 Alan Brown
2012 Jeremy Bayne-Powell
2011 Alan Hussy
2010 Gordon Sutton
2009 Paddy Haynes
2008 David Jackson
2007 Sir Paul Holden
2006 Gillian Gatland
2005 Harry Newland
2004 Gillian Gatland
2003 Neil Cryer
2002 Gordon Sutton
2001 David Jackson
2000 David Jackson
1999 Penny Johnson
1998 Alex Dove
1997 David Jackson
(But the cup dates from 1989)

Ron Clements Award for Creativity

2022 Jim Reed – An Interview with April Powers
2021 Tim Stannard – The Case of the Missing Pickle Magnate
2020 Paul Vernon
2019 Jim Reed
2018 Jim Reed – Making a Difference
2017 Peter Frost
2016 Dave Skertchly
2015 Elliot Stanley
2014 Neil Cryer
2013 Brian O’Connel & Peter Frost
2012 Geoff Bentley
2011 Mike Sanders
2010 Alan Hussey
2009 Sir Paul Holden
2008 Steve Bissett
2007 Val Hitchman
2006 Gillian Gatland
2005 Jerry Plowman
2004 Dixie Dean
2003 Martin Harder
2002 Jerry Plowman
2001 Write Angle
2000 Trepid B
1999 Sir Paul Holden
1998 Ken Mackay
1997 Ron Clements
1996 Write-Angle Productions
1995 Joan Woolmer
1994 Len Webb

The Jackson Trophy – Overall Winner

2022 Brian O’Connell, Peter Frost & Dick Grainger – Only Four in the World
2021 Tim Stannard – The Case of the Missing Pickle Magnate
2020 Dave Skertchly
2019 Nigel Davey
2018 Jim Reed _Making a Difference
2017 Peter Frost
2016 Gillian Gatland
2015 Brian O’Connell
2014 Ollie McCoy-Page
2013 Weyfarers
2012 Geoff Bentley
2011 Gillian Gatland
2010 Alan Hussey
2009 Steve Bissett
2008 Bruce Frazer
2007 Sally Maltby & Gillian Gatland
2006 Gillian Gatland
2005 Bruce Frazer
2004 Paul Holden [sic]
2003 Martin Harder
2002 David Longley
2001Alex Dove
2000 Paul Holden [sic]
1999 Alex Dove
1998 David Jackson

Annual Members Competition by Year:

Annual Member’s Competition 2023

Judges comments: “This gang of four of produced an excellent, humorous and entertaining film through the use of puppet animation. The subtle music track and clear vocals synchronise with the ongoing action, supported by clear, along with very creative graphics and slick editing enhanced this comedic film.”

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Members Competition 2022

Only Four in the World by Brian O’Connell, Peter Frost, and Dick Grainger is a very engaging documentary about the rebuilding of one of the world’s rarer motorbikes.
The makers were awarded, The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner, The Pat Dohery Award for the Best Use of Sound, The Moorey Award for Best Documentary, and The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork.


Members Competition 2021

Tim Stannard’s clever comedy ‘The Case Of the Missing Pickle Magnate’ was awarded Jackson Trophy for Best Overall Film, The Arthur English Trophy for Photography, The Penny Johnson Trophy for Best Editing, and the The Ron Clements Shield for Creativity.

The annual Member’s Competition held on 3rd December 2021, when seven entries were received.


Members Competition 2020

Dave Skertchly’s film ‘Mary Rose, the The True Story’ was inspired by the cartoons made by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin back in the 1960’s.

It tells the story of why the Mary Rose sank in front of Henry the VIII on that fateful day in July 1545 and we find out that it was “true loves story…strange but true”.

Dave won the ‘Jackson Trophy’ for Overall Winner, and also Pat Doherty Cup for ‘Best use of Sound’.


Members Competition 2019

This image is from Nigel Davey’s beautifully moving film ‘Faith and Photography’ which was was awarded the Jackson Trophy for Best Overall Film and also the Arthur English Trophy for Best photography.

Sixteen entries were received from twelve club members, resulting in a wide range of subjects.

The club was very privileged to have Jan and Dave Watterson judging the films this year.
Jan and Dave are International Judges, and Dave was elected President of UNICA (Union Internationale du Cinema) in 2015.


Members Competition 2018

Jim Reed’s documentary film ‘Making a Difference’ was recorded at the Hawk Conservancy in Andover, and includes some stunning shots of birds of prey in flight.

The Bird featured in this image is the Bald Eagle, but Jim focused most of his film raising the plight of the much maligned and critically endangered species, the vulture.

Jim received four Awards, The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner,The Moorey Award for Best Documentary, The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork, and The Pat Doherty Award for the Best Use of Sound.


Members Competition 2017

The annual Club Members Competition had twelve entries for 2017.
Amongst this year’s films were Documentaries, Holiday’s, Comedies, a Wedding, a visual Sound Poem and a Musical Fantasy.
Two new club members Peter Stratford and Patric Hinde both entered films.
Peters film ‘Chinese New Year 2017 in Hong Kong’ was full of interesting facts and good camerawork, it won the ‘Best First Time Winner’ trophy and also Best Use of Sound.
Patric Hinde who is an MGBGT enthusiast as well as a keen film maker created a 1min comedy about his beloved car which the audience enjoyed.


Members Competition 2016

The 2016 Club Members Competition, held on 2nd December was judged by Tim Stannard,Vice Chairman of Staines Video Makers, his wife Martine and Geoff Rippingale, all active film makers.,

There were eleven entries, competing for nine trophies.

Gillian Gatland took three of those awards for her entry ‘Thai Umbrellas’.

The film ends with Gillian invited to have something of hers decorated, and we see in close up, the artistry as what at first looked like a flower design ends up as a butterfly in floral surround – a great souvenir!