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Annual Member’s Competition 2023

Member's Competition 2023

The Annual Member’s Competition was held on

1st December 2023

Nine entries were received.

The Judges this year were:

Alan Sinclair (right) and Stewart Emm (left) from The Virtual Video Group.


The Overall Winner - Jim Reed, Dave Skertchly, Gillian Gatland & Peter Stratford for 'Spyderfall'

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Jim Reed, Dave Skertchly, Gillian Gatland & Peter Stratford - 'Spyderfall'

A parody of the early Bond films was based on idea from Dave Skertchly, who was also the main puppeteer. Jim Reed directed and created the green-screen multi-layered special effects together with all the editing. Voices were provided by Peter Stratford, Gillian Gatland, and Jim Reed. The music tracks were provided by Audio Hero.

“A standout production from a very talented team.”

Awarded: The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner
Judges Comments:

“This gang of four of produced an excellent, humorous and entertaining film through the use of puppet animation. The subtle music track and clear vocals synchronise with the ongoing action, supported by clear, along with very creative graphics and slick editing enhanced this comedic film.”

Dave Skertchly, Gillian Gatland, & Peter Stratford
Runner-up: Peter Stratford's 'Lapland'
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Peter Stratford's 'Lapland'
Competition Runner-up
Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography
David Goode Trophy for Best Holiday Film

“Lapland Travelogue.
The eerie atmosphere of Lapland in winter and a brief insight into the people who live there”.

Peter Stratford

Judges Comments:

This was a very engaging film that immersed you in the cold and snow-covered landscapes and people of Lapland. The combination of slick editing and stunning visuals with good clear narration produced a well-paced and varied holiday travelogue.

I particularly liked the scenes with the dog sled and inside the Yurt. 
Overall, a well shot, narrated and edited film that did justice to the dramatic landscapes and friendly people of Lapland.
It was a travelogue that I could watch again!

Andrea & Luca Goodrich -'Dream Conjurors'

Judges Comments:

Very esoteric and topical film showing clearly the relationship between humanity and trees, in the light of the loss of the recent Sycamore tree by wanton vandalism.

Good music in keeping with the visuals. I really liked the use of overexposure at the start of the film introducing the title in the purity of white. The flashbacks were well done and in keeping with the spiritual flow of the film.

I really liked the evocative vocals.

Dream Conjurors is an exploration of the relationship between trees and the human experience, examining the passage of time and the cycle of life. Inspired by the grief felt following the felling of a single sycamore tree, local writer Lindy K. Robinson wrote and starred in Dream Conjurors.

Andrea and Luca Goodrich
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Andrea & Luca Goodrich -'Dream Conjurors'
First Time Winner Award
Paul Ashworth - 'You Must Stay At Home'
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Paul Ashworth - 'You Must Stay At Home'
Clements Shield for Best Creative Film

This video reflected the unknowns and concerns when Covid-19 first appeared in the Spring of 2020, with no known or proven antidotes, at that time.

Paul Ashworth

Judges Comments:

A very creative use of stills, video and animation to produce a film with a clear message, using the Covid virus to flow through the scenes, which hit the mark.

The journey of the Covid virus across the world, from its origins to us all, was clearly depicted through good use of location images, video, animation and music.

This was well paced, with sharp editing creating an engaging and informative film.

Gordon Sutton - ''Dining on the Watercress Line'

Judges Comments:

Great camerawork in this film with unusual angles and close ups used throughout the film to add lots of interest. Great photography throughout the film.

Overall a good film with quite stunning visuals but maybe could have a commentary added to really do justice to the great visuals and camerawork.

An impromptu record of a Ploughman’s lunch outing on the Watercress Line Steam Railway on a glorious sunny day.

Gordon Sutton
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Gordon Sutton - ''Dining on the Watercress Line'
The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork
Jim Reed - 'LBD Box Set DVD Series' (Advert)
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Jim Reed - 'LBD Box Set DVD Series'
Penny Johnson Trophy for Best Editing

One minute Advert for LBD’s bargain priced Box Set DVD limited edition Series – ‘Understanding Politics’.

Judges Comments:

Very entertaining and creative video with a satirical treatment of current political times.
The video comes over as a comedic spoof of the box sets we are used to seeing on TV. The dialogue was creative, comedic and well delivered in the classic narration style of the box set adverts.
The short video was packed with special effects, satire and comedy. Editing was extremely slick and managed to pack a lot into just over a minute. Technically faultless.

Other Entries : (Videos not available).
Peter Frost - 'Valley of the Weird'

Judges Comments:

This film uses very dramatic music to great effect, emphasising the “weirdness” of the objects and location. The editing pace was spot on, great use of camera angles. Nice sharp, vivid and fluid photography. This film held my interest throughout and I really loved the “tongue in cheek” end titles.

The Pat Dohery Award for the Best Use of Sound
Philip Morley - 'The Secret Peacemaker'

Judges Comments:

Very interesting film, visually told with good editing and clear audio. The film was well researched and the subject matter was expressed expertly. Good balance in a film that could be a controversial subject. A very thought provoking film.

The Sir Paul Holden Trophy for Best Commentary
The Moorey Award for Best Documentary
John Smith - 'National Rejoin March 2023'

Judges Comments:

This was a short and snappy film, with good use of stills and video, that provided a video record of the 2023 National Rejoin March. The visual content was well edited. 

This film provides a valuable social and historic record of the National Rejoin Movement, 2023, in the aftermath of Brexit.

Summary of 2023 Awards:

Peter Frost
Philip Morley
Peter Stratford
Gillian Gatland
Peter Stratford
  • The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner – Jim Reed, Dave Skertchly, Gillian Gatland & Peter Stratford for ‘Spyderfall’

  • Competition Runner-up – Peter Stratford for ‘Lapland’

  • The Ron Clements Award for Creativity – Paul Ashworth for ‘You Must Stay at Home – 20th March 2020’

  • The Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography – Peter Stratford for ‘Lapland’

  • The Pat Doherty Award for the Best Use of Sound –  Peter Frost for ‘Valley of the Weird’

  • The Best Holiday Movie – Peter Stratford for ‘Lapland’

  • The Moorey Award for Best Documentary – Philip Morley for ‘The Secret Peacemaker’

  • The Penny Johnson Trophy for the Best Editing – Jim Reed for ‘LBD Box Set (DVD Series) Advert’

  • The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork – Gordon Sutton for ‘Dining on the Watercress Line’

  • The Sir Paul Holden Trophy for Best Use of Commentary – Philip Morley for ‘The Secret Peacemaker’

  • First Time Winner Award – Andrea and Luca Goodrich (Yappy Dog) for ‘Dream Conjurers’