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Gordon Sutton

My hobby in making films developed from my father who was an active member of Bournemouth and New Forest Film Makers.

I made my first Standard 8mm film in my twenties and many others since, using clockwork ciné cameras, in the intervening years. I made do with an auxiliary portable tape recorder for sound and avoided the progression to Super 8.

I converted to video in the early 80’s with Video 8, then Hi8 tape formats, I joined SBMM, then known as SBFVM, in 1999 to improve my knowledge of NLE systems and when miniDV was becoming the preferred amateur video recording method.

I served on the club committee for many years in various capacities and as Club Chairman from 2007-2010. Apart from making my own films I have been involved in many club productions in numerous roles but mainly behind camera.

All great fun.

Gordon's Videos

Competition entries from Gordon also feature elsewhere on the website - Please follow the blue links.

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A seasonal movie compiled around images of RHS Wisley Glow on New Years Eve, a bi-annual Christmas Tree Festival held at Holy Trinity Church West End and at home in Bisley with the family digitally visiting by Zoom due to Covid concerns 2021.

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Love is Changing

The Reprise of Anthony and Vanessa Sutton’s wedding intercut with the first dance
music played and composed by long term friend Sam Semple.

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Perfect Day

Pam & Gordon take a trip around Poole Harbour on Brian and Judy’s Nordic Fox speed boat with a pause for a swim and onboard picnic lunch whilst moored off Brownsea Island.

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This movie documents the restoration of St John the Baptist Holy Well, a Grade II listed building in Bisley, Surrey, to celebrate the new millennium.

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A Fishy Tale

Movie featuring the Moore Brothers, Elliot (age 8) and Fletcher (age 5) with Lyrics by Elliot. Filmed 2016

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Thrill of the Drive

A driving experience in both an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Ferrari F360 at the Brands Hatch Racing School with on-board car cameras supplementing the footage.

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An impromptu visit to witness visitors partaking in the sport of Bungy and Swing over the Waikato River in Taupo New Zealand – February 2020.

Selection of Gordon's Other Videos

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WW1 100th Anniversary

Filmed: November 2014, Pocket Camera, TZ20, SD Card 16:9
Duration: 5:55
Shown to Club: Dec 2014 Members Competition

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Art Deco City

Filmed: 2002 & 2007, Mini DV, 4:3
Duration: 8:02
Shown to Club: Dec 2007 Members Competition

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SKYDIVING Jumping fo Joy

Filmed: October 2006
Duration: 8:24
Shown to Club: June 2007 Club Night

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24 Inch Boys

Filmed: 3rd August 2002, MiniDV, 4:3
Duration: 13:25
Shown to Club: May 2007 Club Night

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Rocky Mountaineer

Filmed: 1999, Hi8, 4:3
Produced: 2002
Duration: 6:28
Shown to Club: Dec 2002 Members Competition

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The Battle of Ascot

Filmed: 1975 8mm ciné
Duration: 25:09
Shown to Club: Nov 2008 Chairman Gordon’s Evening

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Gannet Beach Adventure

Filmed: 2002 4:3
Produced 2005
Duration: 9:01
Shown to Club: Dec 2005 Members Competition

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Oh Boy!

Filmed: 2002, Hi8, 4:3
Produced: 2016
Duration: 3:40
Shown to Club: Feb 2002 Club Night

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Spare Some Change, Please?

Filmed: 2003 Hi8 4:3
Duration: 5:59
Shown to Club: Dec 2003 Members Competition

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Steam Dream

Filmed: 15th December 2009, Pocket Camera, TZ20, SD Card,16:9
Duration: 7:58
Shown to Club: Feb 2010 Club Night