Documentary Competition 2019

Documentary Competition 2019

The annual Documentary Competition was held in September 2019. 

There were 4 entries:

  • ‘A tale of 13 tails’ by Peter Frost (video not available)
  • ‘I Dive the Great Barrier Reef’ by Dave Skertchly (video not available)
  • ‘Inside Inside the making of a Movie’ by Peter Frost
  • ‘In Search of Svalbard’s Polar Bears’ by Peter Stratford

The Overall Winner - 'In Search of Svalbard’s Polar Bears' by Peter Stratford

Peter Stratford, who never fails to deliver superb documentaries of his travels all over the world, produced a film called ‘In Search of Svalbard’s Polar Bears’.

David Attenborough would be proud of this film which documented Peters travels in the Spitzbergen region of the Arctic to seek out the precious few Polar Bears who are now struggling to survive against the obvious global warming issues.

The sailing conditions encountered in the arctic seas and the fantastic camerawork which captured a Blue Whale with its calf and eventually the Polar Bears earned Peter first place in the Competition this year.

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In Search of Svalbard’s Polar Bears' by Peter Stratford

“In Search of Svalbard’s Polar Bears”was a product of an “expeditionary” voyage from Svalbard (Spitzbergen) into the Arctic sea ice at the end of the summer of 2018.”

“By then, global warming was becoming a recognised phenomenum, and the polar regions were being affected more rapidly than equatorial latitudes.Everyone on our converted polar research vessel was desperate to see polar bears in their natural habitat – out on the sea ice in late summer – but we had to wait a long time before our wishes were realised.”

“During the post production phase I conducted thorough research on the impact of global warming on the polar bears of the Svalbard region. This drove the direction of the script for the commentary and the addition of third party graphics. This has been the only video I have made, to date, where the entire soundtrack, including music, commentary and sound effects, have been originated by myself. Even if it is not appreciated as a competent amateur video documentary, it will still be a snapshot of the reality of the Arctic north of Spitzbergen in 2018 – when there was still sea ice at the end of summer!”

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In Search of Polar Bears
Inside Inside I'm 35
I Dive the Great Barrier Reef
A Tale of 13 Tails