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The Challenges vary but the objective is always to encourage members to experiment with different styles, creativity or editing techniques when making their videos. Sometimes, the raw footage will be provided and the entrants challenged to produce something to a set criteria.

For example, in 2021, members were provided with 10 minutes of footage and asked to produce a coherent 3 minute film. (The 10-3 challenge).

The following year, footage was not provided, but members had to produce a montage. Other occasions, such as the Christmas challenge, members are asked  to produce a short piece of work reflecting a particular theme.

New Challenges

The Spring EDIT Challenge is open to all members of the Surrey Border Movie Makers Club. 
Simply download one of the eight club made videos and make a trailer for the film.
You can edit the video and add any extra sound track as needed, but you must not add any new video footage. 
Entries must be submitted online and received by 29th March, ready for showing at the April club meeting
There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit.
Have fun!
The 2024 Documentary Challenge is open to all members of the Surrey Border Movie Makers Club. There are four simple Rules:
Play Video
#1 The Documentary must be about something or someone local, and made by a group of members.
#2 It must include an on-screen interview.
#3 It must include an on-screen presenter for at least part of the time.
#4 It must include some motion graphics. For example to help explain or emphasis aspects of the documentary.
See Club News for more information