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Edit Challenge – Make a Trailer

No, not like this one…
The challenge is simple – select one or more films from the eight club films below and make a trailer for the film.

You are free to use footage from your chosen film and enhance it with music, graphics, voiceovers, sound effects – anything other than video from other films.

Remember, the purpose of a trailer is to entice the audience into watching the main film and as an advert it needs to be immediatly engaging, memorable and create intrigue. It should indicate the genre of the film, have some sort of synopsis and possibly a tag line. Impact is what we are looking for.

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Mrs Symm's Royal Affair

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The Fall and Rise of Mr Punch

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Turning Back Time

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Inside I'm 35

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Norah's Ark

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Up, Up and Away

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Baby Shots

Have fun! Feel free to make up and include quotes from interviews and film reviews as well as awards. However, we may use some of these trailers for real, and these probably should not contain any untruths (unless they are very obviously parodies).

Download your chosen video(s) from the link here

Open using the Password provided by email.

Download Instructions:

After opening the Vimeo page, click on the TITLE of your chosen film to open the video in its own page. Then select the ‘Download’ tab and choose the quality. Select either ‘original’ or ‘1080’ and click the appropriate ‘Download’ button.

 There is no limit on the number of trailers you may make!

All entries must be received by 29th March 2024