Xmas Challenge 2022

Christmas Themed Challenge 2022

Something new was suggested by Surrey Border Movie Makers Competition Officer Tim Stannard;

Members could make a film with a Christmas theme to a maximum length of 3 mins.
The content could be taken from existing, new or found footage.
The idea was aimed at members who had never submitted a film before or those who find competitions daunting.
The ‘Challenge’ was not a Competition but an opportunity to expand filming techniques and view your film on the big screen where it could be discussed and suggestions could be raised.

Ten films were shown:

The first was ‘Christmas Covid Free’ by Brian O’Connell, this film was made using three mobile phones and featured a friend of Brian’s from a local choir who performed a comical Christmas song and dance routine with his family.

The second film was called ‘A Covid Christmas and New Year’, an animated film by Alan & Kathy Butcher which was set to an amusing Covid Christmas song and featured an animated Big Ben ringing in the New Year.

The next film was called ‘Christmas Songs’ another film made by Brian O’Connell filmed when he attended a Christmas Carol sing along at the Queen’s Head pub in East Clandon, this film was also shot on a mobile phone and really captured the Christmas atmosphere at this local pub.

Xmas free Covid By Brian O'Connell

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A Covid Xmas and New Year By Kathy and Alan Butcher

Christmas Songs by Brian O'Connell

The fourth film shown was called ‘Christmas Babes’ by Colin Lewis, Colin captured a wonderful Christmas Day surrounded by his family with amusing footage of his Grandchildren having a great time.

Jack Visser’s film called ‘Christmas 2021’ was a superbly made film shot at the home of a couple who always go that extra mile with the decorations inside and out. Jack was invited to interview the owners of the house to explain why they always decorate their home in such a grand way, a church choir always sings carols outside at Christmas and Jack captured this very well.

’House Barrasment’ was Brian O’Connell’s third entry into the Challenge and was a fun ‘Rap Style’ Christmas music film which had the audience tapping their feet.

The seventh film was made by Philip Morley and called ‘Undersea’ it was based on a story written by Philips Granddaughter Jemima, with clever imaginative use of a green screen Philip created an amazing undersea visual display to enhance Jemima’s story.

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Christmas Babes By Colin Lewis

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Christmas 2021 by Jack Visser

A film by Tim Stannard was next called ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, this was a very well edited film showing his Daughter Elise and James his Step Son singing a duo together.

The ninth film to be shown was by Gordon Sutton it was called ‘Treemendous’, this was filmed when Gordon and his Family visited Wisley Gardens Christmas Light Festival and also the Christmas Tree Festival which is very popular and held in Gordon’s local church.

The tenth and final film to be shown in the Christmas Challenge was by Jim Reed and called ‘The Boy Santa Forgot’, this drama was made using some Whip Pan edit effects and was excellent.

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It's beginning to look a lot like xmas By Tim Stannard

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Treemendous by Gordon Sutton

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The boy Santa forgot By Jim Reed

Questions, answers and general discussions took place based on all the films entered in the Challenge and everyone really enjoyed the evening.

The meeting ended with Jim Reed showing a tutorial film which explained how to use the Whip Pan effect and how he learnt how to apply it to his Christmas Challenge entry.