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Brian O’Connell

Brian O’Connell SBMM Writer and Director

‘Sarah’s War’ is Brian’s second full-length play, now a feature film.

Having won a couple of writing competitions, and building on the success and enthusiastic response for his previous work ‘Estate Agent’ (performed in April 2011), which was staged in three separate venues, he was inspired to write ‘Sarah’s War’.

Although this was written as a play, Brian always had the idea that it could be a film as he believes that if a script has the narrative traction to hold a live audience, then it would also have legs as a film. The idea germinated after a visit in November 2014 to an SBMM friend’s old Motorboat moored on the Hamble River. Eventually with the amazing help of a small team of friends from SBMM, this was made into a film.

However his overriding passion is in storytelling, and would love to create a feature film of his first full-length play ‘Estate Agent’.

Brian O'Connell - 'Sarah's War' Videos:

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Trailer for Sarah's War

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Premier Showing Highlights

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Sarah's War Full Film B/W

More of Brian's Videos:

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Coffee at Pinnocks

A short documentary about a new local and highly successful Coffee Shop in Ripley, Surrey.

The owner and manager of the shop is interviewed by Della Edwards.

Photography and co-production by Peter Frost.

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Dictators Speech

A member of SBMM – Peter Matthews, happened to be the Location Manager for filming at the Kempton Steam Museum in SW London.

Another club member Vince Barnes was lead

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A short romantic movie shot along the South Bank of the River Thames in Central London detailing a chance encounter of two young people in a coffee shop near the Tate Art Gallery.

Brian’s son Ben provided the music for the beach scene.

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National Theatre Wigs

A short documentary about the fitting of wigs in the National Theatre. Awarded 1st place in 2020 ‘Film on a Phone’ challenge