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Film on a Phone 2020

Film on a Phone 2020 Challenge

Surrey Border Movie Makers first very successful virtual meeting which took place on Friday 3rd April.
Members received an invitation to the meeting which was held on Zoom.
There were six films entries for the Film on a Phone Competition with the theme of ‘My Community’,
and one made using more traditional equipment.

  • ‘Changing Times’ by Colin Lewis,
  • ‘Redan Road’ by Dave Skertchly,
  • ‘Crazy Times’ by Nigel Davey,
  • ‘Camberley Car Show’ by Ivan Dally,
  • ‘National Theatre Wigs’ by Brian O’Connell
  • ‘Lower Bourne’ by Philip Morley,
  • Alan Hussey’s Farnham Diary’.

All of the films were seen virtually on-line, members voted and then sent their responses to club Chairman Mike Sanders, the results were announced a few days later.

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National Theatre Wigs by Brian O'Connell
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Changing Times by Colin Lewis
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Redan Road by Dave Skertchly

In first place was ‘National Theatre Wigs’.

Brian O’Connell made this film using a selfie method, and demonstrated the various stages of his wig being fitted for a theatre performance which he was appearing in.

In second place was ’Changing Times’ in which Colin Lewis filmed the effects that the Coronavirus has had on day to day life,

In third place was Dave Skertchly’s  ‘Redan Road’, a film about the Redan Hill Fortification in Aldershot which was used by the Victorian Army. It has been restored by the council and Dave Skertchly produced this very interesting film about its history.

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Lower Bourne by Philip Morley

Philip Morley made a film about the history of Lower Bourne near Farnham in Surrey.

“Partly owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and by the Forestry Commission, Bourne Wood has in the twenty-first century become an important film location.”

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Camberley Car Show by Ivan Dally

“This annual show in Camberley is usually held in August and showcases Vintage, Custom, Novelty Cars, Motor cycles, and speciality vehicles eg. old army trucks, dragsters etc.

There are a few fun things going on including guest appearances by Stig and Darthvader. There is usually street food to be had and an ice cream van.”

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Farnham Diary by Alan Hussey

“A brief look back at Spring in Farnham 2020 with floods, lockdown and a look forward to a return to normality.”

Farnham is usually a bustling Georgian town, but more recently has also seen flooding and also the unusual much quieter streets during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This made a very good archive film.