Online Entry

How to Submit Videos to Surrey Border Movie Makers.

Surrey Border Movie Makers have moved into the 21st Century by offering members fully on-line video uploads!  Submissions for Club Competitions or Challenges will no longer require the use of chalk and slate, nor a wax covered phonographic cylinder, or even the newer-fangled USB stick.

We shall be using our website together with WeTransfer for members video submissions into our club challenges, competitions, or videos to show on club nights.

We have created a web-based entry form which sends the information directly to the relevant members of the Committee.

It might include some or all of the following::

1. The member’s name and email address;
2. The video name and its total running time;
3. A brief synopsis of the video.
4. If you have hosted your video on YouTube or Vimeo, we ask for a link to the video.
5. We ask for your permission to either ;
a) show your video only at this event, or
b) include your video in our club archive and show publicly (including on the SBMM website).
6. Finally, we need the WeTransfer link to your video file and 3 related images included to your Online form.

Please note the form is pre-formatted, so entering data is very easy.  A example form for you to trial is shown HERE

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