Online Entry

More Details …Online Entry Competition Forms

The standard video entry form requires the following information:

Video Maker(s) or Group: This is the name of the individual or individuals or group making the film

Email: Email address of the primary contact for the film. This should match with the email we hold on record for that member.

Video title: The name of the film as you wish it to appear on any programme, report, website etc.

Length of video: in minutes and seconds

Synopsis of Video: This may appear in press reports and the website, and is useful for helping judges with their assessments.

Images from the Video: For promotional purposes, both inside and outside the club we would like three HD  (1920 x 1080) images. (These may be stills from the film or behind the scenes shots)

URL link to Online Video: We encourage all entrants to put their video online. This can be an unlisted link on YouTube, or a Vimeo link.

If you do not provide a link, the video will be uploaded (initially unlisted) to SBMM YouTube to be used by the judges and for SBMM website according the the users Permission. (See ‘Permissions’ below). However, this is not ideal as the video maker will lose direct control over their video.

WeTransfer link Please copy (share) the link and paste it into this box after you have uploaded the Video File and Images. Click HERE for information about how to do this.

Permissions. The form only allows one box to be ticked.

  • Show video but do not archive. The original footage will be deleted after showing at the club event. If the club uploads the video the purposes of judging, it will be used for that only and deleted immediately after the competition.
  • Archive and show publicly (eg Web site). The club will store a copy of the original footage and may show it within and outside the club. The video may be included on the club’s website (via the URL link above, if provided, or SBMM may upload your video to our own YouTube Channel)

GDPR : Clicking this box is mandatory and confirms that you are content for SBMM to store your personal data.

SUBMITTING your Entry Form

Finally, when you have completed all the required fields, click the ‘SUBMIT‘ button.

Your form will be replaced by an on-screen notification similar to the one below confirming that your submission has been successful.If you don’t see this notification and your form is still visible, it means that a required field * has not been completed properly. The words ‘This field is required‘ will appear in red under the incomplete field. Simply correct the entry and press Submit again.

It you wish to enter a second video, simply refresh the page to clear the confirmation message and show a blank form again.


Other entry forms may have other specific requests: These other requests will be self explanatory, and any relevant details included on the particular form. For example, the Annual Members Competition also includes the option of:

Entrance of First Time Winner trophy: Tick this box if you have not previously won a SBMM competitions.


Please understand that all the online entry form serves to do is to transfer the information via email directly to the relevant Committee members who are responsible for storing, publishing and managing the competition.