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How to use WeTransfer to send files

Using WeTransfer to upload files and create a link for SBMM is very straightforward.

Its free to use for files up to 2Gb per upload, which should be more than enough for most videos together with the three images.  It doesn’t require any registration or input of your email address.

This 6-step guide shows how to create a link to your video files ready for the SBMM online application. Open directly by using your computer Browser, not through any other means.

 Note: Please include all your images together with the video file in your WeTransfer upload.


Open WeTransfer in your computer browser:

Your screen will show an image like this >


Upload your video file and your three images by either clicking the ‘+’ ‘Add more files’ or dragging and dropping them onto the screen.


No need to enter any email addresses. Simply click the 3 dots in the circle at the bottom right of the box.

You will see this >


If ‘Get Transfer Link’ is not showing as active, click the button next to it . The screen will look like this >


Click the button, ‘Get a Link’.

WeTransfer will start uploading.

You will see similar to this >


After your files are uploaded, you will see this screen. Now click ‘Copy link’. Add this link into your SBMM online form.

Your Files will now be stored for 7 days by WeTransfer before they delete them.