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Members Competition 2019

Member's Competition 2019

The annual Member’s Competition held on 6th December 2019.
Sixteen entries were received from twelve club members.

The club was very privileged to have Jan and Dave Watterson judging the films this year.
Jan and Dave are International Judges, Dave was elected President of UNICA (Union Internationale du Cinema) in 2015.
The Competition films were watched by Jan and Dave over a ten-day period.
They were then finally scrutinised on a 7ft. screen for the final voting decisions to be made.

Jan and Dave always give very welcomed constructive critique, advice and tips on any films they are judging.

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The Overall Winner - Nigel Davey for 'Faith and Photography'

Nigel Davey receives his award for 'Faith and Photography'

Nigel Davey entered his film ‘Faith and Photography’.

This was a very poignant film about the story of human struggle
portraying a wish to be successful but resulting in very conflicting
day to day life issues causing deep depression.

This was a beautifully and sensitively shot film.


The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner
The Arthur English Trophy for Photography

The Other Entrants and Awards

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Jim Reed - 'A fishy Tale'
The Sir Paul Holden Trophy for Best Commentary

I was rather stuck for an idea for a video, and someone suggested making a holiday video.

Unfortunately, holiday videos always remind me of my youth when neighbours used to invite us

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Jim Reed - 'Where Witches Exist'
Clements Shield for Best Creative Film

We were told that Canewdon Church is the most haunted church in the country, and it’s said that at Halloween police have to block access to the area to stop people running around the churchyard.

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Dave Skertchly - 'Last Train to Llangoblin'
Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork

Daves comment: I am a garden railway enthusiast and a great fan of the Welsh Narrow Gauge railways such as the Ffestniogg railway.

I had always wondered why the impoverished

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Philip Morley & John Mills - 'The Wedding Reception'
Penny Johnson Trophy for Best Editing
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Peter Stratford - 'The Little Red Ship'
David Goode Trophy for Best Holiday Film

A dramatic documentary about the tragic sinking of a polar expedition ship in the Bransfield Strait near Antarctica only 10 months after the author of the video was a passenger on the same ship in the same waters.

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This documentary was inspired by sister in law, who lived in nearby Westcliff and thought the cocklesheds would make an interesting documentary.

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Jack Visser - 'The Old Rugged Cross'
Jack Stribblings Trophy for Best First Time Winner

My oldest son has certain musical talents which he likes to use from time to time. This particular song always appealed to him and a friend of his that had built a small recording studio offered to record him.

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Jim Reed - 'Scam Man'

I love winding up scammers.

In the past I have even pretended to be ‘Father Christmas’ to play along with them, and always try to record the calls. On one occasion I kept the call going for 25 minutes, before they hung up.

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I visited Quebec on a cruise from New York in September 2019 and loved the city.

Very picturesque and so much history, and I wanted to tell the story in my film. However our club competition is limited to 6 minutes and so my narrative is a bit rushed as I didn’t want to leave anything out.

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Gordon Sutton - 'A Perfect Day

Pam & Gordon take a trip around Poole Harbour on Brian and Judy’s Nordic Fox speed boat with a pause for a swim and onboard picnic lunch whilst moored off Brownsea Island.

Dave Skertchly - 'Another Perfect Day'

While visiting Beatrix Potter’s famous cottage at Hill Top Farm I noticed that the brochure included illustrations from her Peter Rabbit books and described their location which could still be found close to the farm.

Summary of 2019 Awards:

  • The Jackson Trophy for Overall Winner –  Nigel Davey for ‘Faith and Photography’

  • The Ron Clements Award for Creativity – Jim Reed for ‘ Where Witches Exist’

  • The Arthur English Memorial Trophy for Photography – Nigel Davey for ‘Faith and Photography’

  • The Pat Doherty Award for the Best Use of Sound – Peter Frost for ‘Coming Shortly’

  • The Best Holiday Movie – Peter Stratford for ‘The little Red Boat’

  • The Moorey Award for Best Documentary – Jim Reed for ‘Oh Cockle’

  • The Penny Johnson Trophy for the Best Editing – Philip Morley & John Mills for ‘The Wedding Reception’

  • The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork – Dave Skertchly for ‘Last Train to Llangoblin’

  • The Sir Peter Holden Trophy for Best Use of Commentary – Jim Reed for ‘A fishy Tale’

  • The Jack Stribblings Trophy for Best First Time Winner – Jack Visser for ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

The Judges Awards and Links to Border Post January 2020

Jim Reed's Hat Trick
Philip Morley receives his Award
Jack Visser receives his award
Dave Watterson