Documentary Competition 2020

Documentary Competition 2020

The annual Documentary Competition was held in September 2020. 

There were 5 entries:

  • ‘Bondic’ by John Mills (no video)
  • ‘Save the Date’ by Dave Skertchly
  • ”Chateau de Chenonceau’ by Colin Lewis (no video)
  • ‘White Boy Cleansing’ by Brian O’Connell (no video)
  • ‘In Search Of Geisha’ by Peter Stratford

The Overall Winner - 'In Search of Geisha' by Peter Stratford

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In Search of Geisha by Peter Stratford

“‘In Search of a Geisha’ is a light hearted film in the style of a wildlife documentary recording the search for a rare animal species, but in this case the target is not a snow leopard but a Geisha!”

“I travel from Tokyo to Kyoto in search of one. They are elusive creatures that avoid circulating in public, but I eventually track one down.“

Saving the Date by Dave Skertchly

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Save the Date by Dave Skertchly

Back in the dark days of Covid, the National Garden Railway show was cancelled.

At these shows enthusiasts take along large indoor layouts (sense tte irony) where we can view the models. During lockdown a few of us in the Garden Railway community made videos of our lines and posted them as a form of virtual show.

Most were simple iphone videos but I went for relatively high production values. We also did some live streaming, crashes and all!

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