Documentary Competition 2021

Documentary Competition 2021

The annual Documentary Competition was held in September 2021. 

There were 4 entries:

  • ‘Ice Cold in Farnham’ by Alan Hussey
  • ‘A Dream Come True’ by Philip Morley
  • ‘1St Call’ by Philip Morley
  • ‘Battle of Britain, The True Story’ by Dave Skertchly (no video)

The Overall Winner - 'Ice Cold in Farnham' by Alan Hussey

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Ice Cold in Farnham by Alan Hussey

‘Winter comes to Farnham creating problems for some motorist, but enjoyment for others in a snow wonderland.’

‘Ice Cold in Farnham’ made by Alan Hussey and filmed last year when we had heavy snow causing disruption on the roads. In parts it was a humorous look at motorists and pedestrians dealing with the tricky situation of travelling in the icy conditions whilst other shots showed the picturesque views of Farnham covered in snow.

‘A Dream Come True’ by Philip Morley

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A Dream Come True by Philip Morley

A Film that plots the rise to fame of the Apple Corp since it was formed by Steve Jobs. Made after many years of research and use of Apple products.

‘A Dream Come True’ was made by Philip Morley. This was a film about the history of the Apple Company, as Philip has owned over 20 Apple computers and had a personal museum at home he has a wealth of knowledge about the subject and was able to make this into a very interesting film.

'1st Call’ by Philip Morley

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1st Call by Philip Morley

A Film about the care a tree surgeon takes when they clean out the trees.

Having gained permission to prune some very large listed trees in his garden a day to day diary of the skilled tree surgeons at work was recorded from day one through to completion of the mammoth task, it held the audiences breath at times.

'Battle of Britain, the Untold Story' by Dave Skertchly

Battle of Britain, the Untold Story

Dave Skertchly presented his ‘Battle of Britain, the Untold Story’. Although some may say this was a controversial documentary, it’s content was designed for thought and discussion and was very well presented by Dave.

Dave explains; ‘The way in which British politics and culture are still influenced by the propaganda of the World War II is a mystery to the rest of the world.  I decided to tell the story of the iconic Battle of Britain using the clips from the notoriously Gung Ho film the Battle of Britain and based the narrative on alternative American studies of WW2.’  (Video unavailable)

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