Film in an Evening 2022

The Film in an Evening was held in August 2022.  (Actually, Film in a Month!)
There were 2 entries:

 “Diplomatic Immunity” by The Oddbods
“Raring to Go” by The Weyfarers

'Diplomatic Immunity' by The OddBods

The Oddbods in 2022 were Gillian Gatland, Jo Jones, Peter Stratford, Jim Reed, Jack Visser, and Mike Sanders.
Both of their two films were shown on the night.
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Diplomatic Immunity by the Oddbods

An interview with the senior British diplomat, April Powers, who recounts stories from her past.

She reveals the real origin of the name ‘Iron Lady’ given to the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and reminisces about the time she dated the Argentinian General Galtieri.

Her interview is captured by the ‘Personal History Channel’, and interviewed by Gillian Gatland.

Oddbods 2022 - The 'Making of...'

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The Making of... by the Oddbods

The ‘Making of…  captures the background story, including how we coped with neither of the two stars being available to record their sessions at the same time!

Also, neither had to learn their script, thanks to the use of  voice recognition teleprompt software, which meant that they could focus more on the delivery of their lines.

'Raring to Go' by the WeyFarers

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Raring to Go by The Weyfarers

Meeting in a pub in the hope of planning a filming event does not work out too well.

The story centered round the planning meeting at our usual location for such things, the Horse & Groom pub, and the humorous contrast between the rather serious reasons for absence was hugely helped by the flow of pub customers in and out of the toilets.