Documentary Competition 2016

Documentary Competition 2016

The annual Documentary Competition was held in July 2016. 

There were 6 entries:

  • ‘Diamonds’ by Philip Morley
  • ‘Hinterglen 2016’ by Dave Skertchly
  • ‘Chaplains make a Difference’ by Alan Brown
  • ‘The Revival Hop Garden’ by Alan Butcher
  • ‘Personal Gardens’  by Peter Frost
  • ‘G-ATIS’ by Dave Skertchly

Philip Morley who recently joined Surrey Border Movie Makers club entered a 20 minute documentary about a girl’s best friend ’Diamonds’, from the history, mining, cutting and various uses of the finished item it was a real gem to watch.

Dave Skertchly’s film ‘Hinterglen 2016’ took us on an exciting skiing trip where he used a Go-Pro camera mounted on one of his ski poles to take some amazing footage.

Documentary ’Chaplains Make a Difference’ opened up the little known area where dedicated Chaplains are there to help less fortunate people living on the waterways of Britain, club member Alan Brown interviewed and filmed a couple on their narrowboat who explained the role of the waterway Chaplains.

Alan Butcher produced a documentary called ‘The Revival Hop Garden’ it introduced us to the new hop garden created by the Hogs Back Brewery in Tongham and took the viewer through the process of hop sowing to the preparation for brewing.

Peter Frost entered his film called ’Personal Gardens’ a beautiful, very colourful and expertly edited entry.

 ‘G-ATIS’ was a second entry by Dave Skertchly, and we joined him in flight on his beloved Piper Cherokee G-ATIS. It was a real treat to be able to share this through his excellent footage and dialogue. 

Winner: The Story of G-ATIS by Dave Skertchly

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The Story of G-ATIS by Dave Skertchly

‘Dave’s love of this special aeroplane is clear to see.’

“When my career was at its peak I could afford my own aeroplane. My aeroplane was registered G-ATIS and was once owned by dare devil test pilot Neville Duke so it had a history.
I knew that as I headed towards retirement the good times could not last forever; especially with the stringent medical requirements for pilots.
I recorded the story of my aeroplane on video as I went along so that I could recall the fun times long after the aeroplane had been sold.”
Dave Skertchly

Other Entries

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Diamonds by Philip Morley

The full 1 Hour version of Diamonds _ Waltham Place in the war years.

Filmed with a Sony FX1 and Sony AE1

Nicholas F. Oppenheimer (born 8 June 1945) is a South African billionaire businessman. He was formerly the chairman of De Beers diamond mining company and is the third richest man in Africa.

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Chaplains make a Difference by Alan Brown

The film shows the work of the Waterways Chaplains on our canal and waterway systems and how they help people cope with the difficulties many of them may find themselves in.

 This includes not only narrow boat owners but anglers, day trippers and business users. With over 2,000 miles of waterways and some 3,000 narrow boats there are a lot of people to help.

It was also made to assist in the recruitment of volunteers.

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Revival Hop Garden by Alan Butcher

A video about the new hop garden created by the Hogs Back Brewery in Tongham.

Alan’s video was also entered into the Members Competition in 2018. It was awarded:

The Dick Hibberd Trophy for Best Camerawork
The Moorey Award for Best Documentary