Documentary Competition 2017

Documentary Competition 2017

The annual Documentary Competition was held in September 2017. 

There were 7 entries:

  • ‘Samuel Cody and his Flying Machines’ by Colin Lewis
  • ‘Raft Race’ by Peter Frost
  • ‘Making a Difference’ by Jim Reed
  • ‘Hemis Festival’ by Peter Stratford
  • ”The Forgotten Country’  by Peter Stratford
  • ‘The Whistlers of La Gomers’ by Martin Boyman
  • ‘The Tour’ by Peter Frost

The winner of the  Documentary Competition was announced at the October meeting:

Colin Lewis’ film ‘Samuel Cody and his Flying Machines’ was the winner with second place going to ‘The Tour’ by Peter Frost whose video is unavailable for public showing.

Peter Stratford was third with his film ‘Forgotten Country’.

Winner - 'Samuel Cody and his Flying Machines' by Colin Lewis

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Samuel Cody and his Flying Machines by Colin Lewis

“A ‘Wild West’ cowboy with vision who was the first aviator to fly a powered flight in 1908, at Farnborough.

This is his life story.”

3rd Place - 'Kashmir Valley' by Peter Stratford

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The Forgotten Country by Peter Stratford

“The Forgotten Country is Armenia and I am still fond of this video for the atmospheric interior shots in ancient Armenian Orthodox churches, the haunting music, the dramatic mountain scenery and the country’s little known role in early Christianity”.

Other Entries

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Hemis Festival by Peter Stratford

“A documentary about a remarkable annual Buddhist festival held in Ladakh – a remote part of India north of the Himalayas that is culturaly more aligned with Tibet than India.”

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Peter Frost - Raft Race

Peter says: “This film was featured extensively in the August edition of Border Post, so please refer to that edition for information.”

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Jim Reed - Making a Difference

“The origins of the Hawk Conservancy, and highlights the plight of Vultures”. 

The club had projection problems with the original which was recorded at 50fps.