Documentary Competition 2022

Documentary Competition 2022

The annual Documentary Competition was held in September 2022. 

There were 6 entries:

  • Down Street by Alan Brown 3’33” (No Video)
  • Banana Shoot by Brian O’Connell and Gordon Sutton 16’16”
  • Cuba by Peter Stratford 19’28”
  • The Incoming Tide by Peter Stratford 6’02”
  • The History of St Émillion by Philip Morley 7’38”
  • Anamorophic Lens by Philip Morley 2’29”

The Overall Winner - 'Down Street' by Alan Brown

ABOVE: Stills from Alan Brown – Down Street – The story of hidden and lost underground stations in London. (Video Unavailable)

Brian O'connell & Gordon Sutton - Banana Shoot

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Banana Shoot by Brian O'connell and Gordon Sutton

Brian said:
During our village fete in East Clandon near Guildford, I was delighted to pick up a banana cake and was told that the baker was Nigel Simpson.

A week later when I saw Nigel I complimented him on his delicious cake and said half jokingly ‘Next time you are doing one would you like to be filmed?’ 

He readily agreed!

Peter Stratford : 'Cuba' and 'The Incoming Time'

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Cuba by Peter Stratford

Peters comments:  An exploration of Cuba in 2016 when the Castros were in power and before the country’s tourism industry hit the buffers with the COVID pandemic in 2020.

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The Incoming Tide by Peter Stratford

As the tide rapidly submerges the vast mud flats of The Wash, the idea in July 2022 was to capture the mumurations of the displaced wading birds. Unfortunately the birds were not in a murmuration mood – but it was still a striking site.

Philip Morley : The History of St Émillion

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The History of St Émillion by Philip Morley

Film about a holiday in History of St Emillion France. Includes details of wine growing in the reagion.

Filmed with a Sony z90 and DJI Drone Mavic 2 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Philip Morley : An Introduction to the Anamorphic Lens

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The Anamorphic Lens by Philip Morley

Film Showing the benefits of an Anamorphic Lens.

Filmed with an iPhone 12 Pro Max with an Anamorphic lens