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Interclub Competition

Alan Hussey

The Surrey Border judges for the evening were Alan Hussey a former BBC Cameraman who has been a club member for over 10 years and John Thompson who has been a member since the 1990’s and has always had an interest in film making since an early age.

John Thompson

Reading Film and Video Makers – ‘The Eagle and the Owl’. A film about con men double crossing each other with a main female character as a gangster. The judges found little to criticise with this well written film which also had good acting standard.


Staines Video Makers – ‘The Weather Wizard’. This was an animated fairy tale film about climate change and was well constructed, the judges commented that the artwork was excellent and portrayed the subject in a pictorial and educational style. 

Mercury Movie Makers ‘Metal Man’. This fascinating documentary was about a metal working artist who uses old, recycled metal to create his artwork. The artist himself provided a lot of the commentary on this well paced informative film which also had good camerawork.

BFVS Film Making in Bristol – ‘Dancing on the Edge’ The judges thought this film about three female dancers who were each interviewed following their individual dance routine, to be a well-structured and edited excellent documentary, the girls gave an insight into their particular genre of dance which retained the interest of the viewer throughout the film.

Orpington Video and Film Makers – ‘Louise’ This short comedy based on a play of words was entirely shot by a handheld camera which the judges thought added a sense of urgency and kept the viewers in suspense to see what would happen next, the judges also thought the film was very well edited.

Haywards Heath Film Makers – ‘Maggie’s Secret’. An 18 minute drama about the death of a mother which reveals half siblings and how they deal with the situation. The judge’s thought was well written, directed and edited with good acting.

The winning film his year was ‘Metal Man’ by Mercury Movie Makers with 2nd place awarded to ‘Dancing on the Edge’ by Bristol Film and Video Society with 3rd place being shared this year by Staines Video Makers film ‘The Weather Wizard’ and Orpington Video and Film Makers  ‘Louise’

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