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Norah’s Ark

Norah's Ark

Create 50 – The Impact is the creative idea of Chris Jones, director of the London Screenwriters’ Festival and author of The Guerrilla Filmmakers Handbook.

The premise is that an asteroid is discovered hurtling toward earth, with only hours before impact. It is so big it’s a planet killer. The brief was to write about peoples’ reactions in the 97 minutes after the Presidential announcement that life on earth was going to cease – in no more than 2 pages.

Fifty, 2 page scripts would be chosen to be included in the feature film. This story did not make the final 50 but was one of 21 Second Chancers from over 2,000 scripts which may be considered.

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Background story from Border Post

The background story to the Norahs Ark is covered in three editions of Border Post:  June 2017,  July 2017,  and December 2017.

They can be found in the Border Post Archives   Here

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