Film in an Evening FIAE 2017

Pioneers 2017 - Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation by the Pioneers

This video won the “Movie in 3 months competition” for the Pioneers on the 7th July 2017 at the Surrey Border Movie Makers meeting.

It was a great shoot full of fun and everyone trying to be professional!!

All the actors are Club members.

The theme for the competition was “Elephant in the Room”

Oddbods 2017 - Zipadee Doodah

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Zipadee Doodah by the Oddbods

Zipadee Doodah is based on the idea that people do not directly tell a gentleman that his flies are undone, in embarrassment they will hide the warning in a simile.

In my family a rousing chorus of Zipadee Doodah was well understood as “your flies are undone”.

I wanted to experiment with cheap TV style production methods…