Film in an Evening FIAE 2019

Oddbods 2019 - Cards of Destiny

The Oddbods for 2019 were Ivan Dally, Mike Sanders, Gillian Gatland, Ian Gatland, Jo Jones, Peter Stratford, Jack Visser, and Jim Reed.

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Cards of Destiny by the Oddbods

A film that tells how much is lost when people die. Its often too late that others think to ask about their life experiences.

It chronicles the journey of three colleagues capturing their histories and results in the creation of their live streaming ‘Personal History Channel’.

The lesson is that everyone, no matter how ordinary, has a story worth telling.

Oddbods 2019 - Behind the Scenes ... Cards of Destiny

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Behind the Scenes of Cards of Destiny by the Oddbods

The film was entered into the ‘Albany’ Competition the following year, where it won the ‘Best Sound’ award.

We also created a behind the scenes video showing clips from the rehearsal  sessions, and highlighting the fun we had making it.

The text below describes the background to the making of the story…

Pioneers 2019 - Is Anybody There?

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Is Anybody There? by the Pioneers

A spine chilling look into the power of a séance.

Well acted and produces the right effect. It won the competition.

Weyfarers 2019 - Switch

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Switch by The Weyfarers

A missing beloved pet causes an about turn of mixed reactions.

Klondikes 2019 - Daylight Robbery

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Daylight Robbery by the Klondikes