Club News

Summer BBQ 25th June 2023

Rita enjoying the day with the guests
Al takes a break from cooking

The annual Summer BBQ was once again hosted at Al and Rita’s house and, once again, the weather was excellent!

The Summer Social has always been a great place for members and their partners to spend a relaxing afternoon chatting and making new acquaintances.

Guests queuing for food!

And, as always, it was accompanied with the freshly cooked food from the BBQ together with a glass or three of their favourite tipple.

It is also somewhere partners can experience first hand the (sometimes) obsessive interest in film making that many of our club members possess!

It was very apparent that there were little huddles of people sharing their thoughts about Apples, or discussing the finer intricacies of the latest technological developments.

For others, it proved to be a great opportunity to re-connect with those who hadn’t been seen for a long time, and catch up and socialise in an environment that wasn’t totally about club work.

Mike and Jim receive the Albany Best Editing Award

That, of course, wasn’t always very easy.

During the afternoon, Tim Stannard, our Competition Officer announced that on the previous day (Saturday 24th June) he had attended the Albany Competition, hosted by Chichester Film Makers.

Tim revealed that our club video entry ‘Turning Back Time’ had been awarded Best Editing, and he was honoured to be able to present the certificate on behalf of the Albany to Jim and Mike for their work on the video.

In fairness Tim also had a bit of a hand in the editing, but he was probably too modest to say so!

It was great afternoon. Thanks to Rita and Al for hosting us all.