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Member’s Survey – Feedback

Thanks to all who responded to the online survey we held during October and November.

Update from our Club Member On-line Survey – October / November 2023

It was no real surprise that the results tended to be split between those who wanted to create films, and therefore learn more about video making techniques; and those who enjoy watching club made films.
However, what was equally clear was how many members expressed an interest in sharing ideas and listening and learning from others about their video making experiences.

In addition to the standard responses, many useful suggestions were also added in the ‘comments’ area of the survey, and the committee are working to incorporate your inputs into the 2024 SBMM club programme.

The March evening featuring making a video in the hall, and the Group Documentary Challenge announced at the December evening were both motivated by your responses, and should meet many of the requests.

For example, the Documentary Challenge specifies the requirement to have ‘an on-screen presenter’; ‘an interview’; and ‘motion graphics’.

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 These in turn will require some expertise in many of the techniques members have expressed an interest in learning more about such as lighting people, how to record good quality sound for interview scenes (either outside or indoors), and how to tell a story that will hold an audience’s interest. It might even include some aspect of green-screen or other means to produce the animated graphics.

For the first time, we are actively encouraging flexible working, not just within, but across the groups, to ensure that as far as is possible expertise can be shared between the videos.
This should give everyone the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the different techniques and styles used by other members.

Unlike previous challenges (or competitions), where the film required completion within a short period, this challenge has a full six months of notice, giving makers plenty of time to plan and organise their video, and hopefully engage all members in aspects that they might previously have missed out on.