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Jim Reed

I have been editing video from the mid-1990’s using VHS with Hi-8 tapes, then moving onto Mini-DV, and in early 2000’s acquired my first PC based editing suite.
In 2016 I bought my first ‘modern’ camera, a 4k Sony AX-53, high speed with built in Gimbal. After seeing the club in a local newspaper I joined in July 2017.
I’ve selected these few videos as being representative of my work and interest.

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Tim Stannard

I came to film making with no background in photography or particular interest in storytelling, but through the simple route of wanting to have a record of my newborn baby growing up.

Digital video was of a high enough quality and cheap enough in the mid 2000s for it to be worth me trying out and abandoning if a failure.

I have since become an Associate of the IAC (AACI)

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Gillian Gatland

I mostly film holidays, but I try to add information to make them of interest to a wider audience.

I like to take part even if in a small way when the club makes a film, and twice was the editor of a club production. Otherwise I usually do shot logging or clapperboard. Very occasionally I appear in front of the camera.

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Philip Morley

I started making videos in the mid 1980’s. Since then, I have remained a passionate videographer. My journey started with a focus on holiday films and then moved on to wedding films, mostly for friends and family and, over the ensuing years, has developed into making all types of movie genre. I am especially interested in making documentary films.
Having joined SBMM 15 years ago, I am the co-editor of the Clubs monthly magazine Border Post and currently the club’s Vice Chairman.