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Making History – March Club Night


Surrey Border Movie Makers recent meeting involved club members and also some of our visitors on the evening taking part in a ’live’ film shoot at the clubs meeting hall in Farnham. What a great evening it was, with plenty of hands-on opportunity for keen film makers to take control of cameras, lights, sound, acting, directing etc. The script for the short drama to be filmed was written by club Secretary Rita Wheeler and called ‘Making History’ with the location to be a Bar scene created in the hall. Five actors were required, the two leading roles were performed by club members Tony Goodearl who played the part of ‘Max’ and Deepa Craig who was ‘Eve’, the ‘Bartender’ was played by Tim Stannard and the role of two extras were played by Gillian Gatland and Dave Skertchly. Two of the visitors who attended the meeting Phil and Sophia, shared the role of ‘Director’ for the evening.

With the cameras, tripods, jigs, lights, lavaliere microphones and sound boom in place and also a green screen (which would enable the transformation of the hall’s kitchen into a well-stocked Bar when editing takes place) the actors Deepa and Tony having learnt their lines, the props were in place and the scene was set.

It was now time for ACTION! During several takes the cameras were operated by various members including visitor Geno, they each had their own interpretation of how the shots should look, this was under the watchful eyes and guidance of the Directors. For those who were specifically interested in the lighting and sound aspects of filming the expertise of professionals Alan Hussey (lighting) and Jack Visser (sound) were shared. Mike Sanders Surrey Border Movie Makers Chairman had set up the club’s new projector, which together with the large screen in the hall which created a huge monitor on which the ‘live’ filming could be viewed as it progressed.

The evening was a great success with a huge amount of experience of film making techniques together with the use of the equipment involved being shared and learnt by all. The next stage of the filming will involve the footage from all cameras used on the evening being sent to those members who wish to have a go at editing, the results will be shared at following meetings as the film editing is completed.