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Next Meeting

Friday 1st July New Films and Peter Frost has a question

Programme 2022

Impact 50

Impact 50 is an initiative of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. The premier of the film The Impact takes place in London on 31st May 2022. Tickets here: Initial idea, 2015. 2,800 scripts. 100 short films. Opening scene by Joe Eszterhas, Basic Instinct. President played by Olivia Williams, The Sixth Sense. Films from UK, America, France, Greece, Portugal and South Africa.

The two films we made but which were not chosen

Norah’s Ark –
Up Up and Away –

More Information here

Online Communications

Communicating Among Ourselves – Using Slack

We have signed up for a Slack account, which is a system to allow online conversations, all grouped into easy to follow topics. Members should look out for information on how to join and contribute. It’s a good way the share movie making knowledge, especially while we cannot meet in person.

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