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Until further notice we will not be attending meetings at the usual hall. In place of this we will be holding virtual online meetings. For more details see here (Online Club Meeting). Please don’t turn up at the hall and please check your email.

Special Reduction in Membership Fees during our Online Season

We still have a full programme of online meetings this year and even some social events. Membership fees have been reduced during this period as we don’t have the expense of hiring the hall. For 2021 the fees are only £5 single and £7.50 joint annual subscription.

Next Meeting

October 1st Interclub Competiton

Programme 2021

Online Communications

Communicating Among Ourselves – Using Slack

We have signed up for a Slack account, which is a system to allow online conversations, all grouped into easy to follow topics. Members should look out for information on how to join and contribute. It’s a good way the share movie making knowledge, especially while we cannot meet in person.

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